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Complexing and lamination

Combine all your materials

Complexing is the combination of various materials up to 6 layers in 1 operation. The applications are endless and meet all your requirements.

This industrial process can be done in various ways.

Extrusion lamination : 1600mm
Extrusion Lamination BK
Source - Bischof + Klein
Adhesive lamination : 2800mm
Lamination - impression BK
Source - Bischof + Klein
Lamination by heated lamination and thermo adhesive film : 1600mm
Materials : PET, aluminum, PE, PP, paper, foam, non-woven, etc...
Coating possibilities : polyolefins, ionomers, resins, polyester, polyurethane, copolymers,...
Heat sealable films : copolyester, copolyamides, TPU, PU, polyolefins, EVA, etc...