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Others services

Ask for our services We’re offering you others services such as analysis, counter typing and laboratory sampling. Storage Photo or picto 1500m2 Delivery5 to 10 jours for cutting and delivery International – Export Europe AsiaAfrica After sales service and traceability Surface temporary protection film Glass temporary protection Eco-friendly universal film Duct tapes 4All Tape® Complexing […]
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Converting and cutting

Choose your mode of cutting • Rolls of all widths with a wide range of lengths available.• Slitting from 10 to 2400mm. The principle consists of cutting the material already rolled up. • Smooth blade cutting from 10 to 2100mm. No loss of material with this method. • Unwinding cutting : we cut with a smooth blade and […]
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Complexing and lamination

Combine all your materials Complexing is the combination of various materials up to 6 layers in 1 operation. The applications are endless and meet all your requirements. This industrial process can be done in various ways. Extrusion lamination : 1600mm Source – Bischof + Klein Adhesive lamination : 2800mm Source – Bischof + Klein Lamination […]
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Industrial expertise Extrusion Coextrusion Our numerous extrusion machines allow us to extrude all types of films in bubble or flat die: PE, PP, PU, resins, ionomers, copolymers, degradable plastics, etc Flexo Printing Gravo Printing The colours and possibilities are endless Specifications Solutions We work with you to find solutions to meet the needs of your […]
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