| Italiano | Español | Deutsch | English | FrançaisFilms can vary in many ways : - Thickness : from 25mµ to 100mµ - Adhesive free : coextruded cast or blown film - Adhesive film : Acrylate solvent base Water based acrylate dispersion Natural rubber - Colour of the film : transparent, teinted, opaque - Printed or unprinted
Surface Protection films are also called technical film as each surface is unique and require a thorough analysis to recommend a film.
3. Your Business Requirements
We will discuss with you your requirements, understand the specific needs.

The objective is to preserve your surface.
2. Study needs

1. Exclusive Partnership with Bischof + Klein
B+K is our exclusive partner in this field. Thus, you have direct access to one of the best player in this field where quality and efficiency are key words.
Their expertise is among the best as they cover: - extrusion - coating - printing
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